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  • The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Civil Rights Law. 
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  • You can get tax credits and deductions for making ADA access improvements. 
  • The Community of persons with disabilities represent a large segment of the population. 
  • If your business had less than $1,000,000 in revenues last year OR 30 or fewer full-time employees, a Tax credit of up to $5,000 is available. 
  • A tax deduction of $15,000 per year is also available. 
  • All buildings, temporary or otherwise, which receive clients, customers or members of the general populace, MUST comply with this law. 
  • There is NO Grandfather clause. 
  • Even if you are leasing a space, you are still liable for the interior of your unit. 
  • 54 million Americans have disabilities 
  • 35 million Americans over 65 years old 
  • 77 million Baby Boomers 
  • 27 million Americans report some difficulty walking 
  • 2.2 million Americans use wheelchairs. With scooters added, the number of people not in institutional settings is about 3 million. 
  • 54 million Americans with disabilities have an aggregate income of $1 trillion, with disposable income of $220 billion (that's more than the coveted teen market of $170 billion). 

Compliance not only helps 54 million Americans, it helps your business, too!